ESOMAR PRESIDENCY 2021-2022 Open up, Elevate & Celebrate

I truly believe in our Data & Analytics Industry, in our Community and in its People, for good decision making and societies.

With over 6 years on ESOMAR Council and in the current position of Treasurer, I am standing for Presidency, strongly motivated to keep using my experience to lead our Community to a better tomorrow.

We are at a crossroads. We have seen fantastic initiatives and innovation, we also live in a world with many differences (regions, generations, practices, regulations). We therefore need to maintain our efforts to reinforce our Community and to adapt to the evolving and highly complex ecosystem in which we must thrive.

In the past few years, we have worked hard to help our global organization build bridges between people, regions and practices, through initiatives like the Community Circles that I have had a hand in strengthening.

To achieve this, I will lead the transition to position ESOMAR as the truly innovative and visionary hub, committed to its members and our Industry, supporting actively tomorrow’s people, organizations and societies, thanks to technology and human-centricity.

I seek to lead our Community to succeed in being:

  • Stronger: let’s reinvent ourselves for a powerful Industry, showcasing our capacity to innovate, demonstrating the value of Insights to companies and to societies, for sustainable growth and progress.

  • Better: let’s work for human and business purposes, guiding and protecting citizens and organizations with ethics, for trust and freedom.

  • Wider: let’s offer the possibility to everyone, locally and globally, to access easily our industry and the ESOMAR Community, being truly diverse and inclusive.

  • Brighter: let’s create links between technology and human expertise (AI, CX, Behavioral Sciences, ..) with openness for more meaningful and accurate decision making.

We can together make a difference.

Let’s shine inside and outside our Industry with pride!

Let's shape our future!

Let’s be bold, rigorous & ethical, let’s succeed and celebrate our talents together!

Esomar Council Elections will take place between March 1st and March 12th 2021.

Esomar Members don't forget to vote!

Thank you for your support!