How 2020 (and the new decade) will look like?

New Year resonates with wishes. So Happy New Year!

New year is also time for looking ahead and for prediction. 

How 2020 (and beyond) will look like in the Data & Insight Industry?

1. Integration

Over the past decade our Industry has seen deep and irreversible changes. We definitively moved from traditional Research to the era of Insight & Data.

2020 and the next decade will see the rise of integration. Where Data and Insights used to live in separate worlds, driven by the power of Data, companies will need more than ever to integrate multi-source data (passive, active), technology, analysis and consultancy (human side) for better and smarter decision making to positively impact businesses and societies.

2. The Power of Qual, Emotions and Imagination

The emergence of Data Science and Hard Data have been leading the world. Soft Data and Qual with Emotions (System 2), Imagination (System 3) will come back in force to bring the WHY and depth. Human being centricity, real-life tools like photos, videos, and co-creative methods, text analysis, Ideation, AI will help bring granularity to build up relevant and sustainable strategies and actions.

3. Privacy & Ethics

Regulations like GDPR have reshaped our organizations and have a huge impact on how we manage our businesses and projects daily. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect on January 1st and many countries like Japan, Singapore, Brazil or India will adopt laws to protect citizens and consumers. 

Privacy is the key component of our Industry. Beyond regulation, Privacy is all about Ethics. As a major Industry we have to adopt the good behaviour and show the right direction respecting people and practices. Being part of a local or an international non-profit organization like Esomar offers great services, knowledge and support to be compliant.

4. Agility

Less is More is a very meaningful motto in this era. This is true for communication, consumption,... and also true for our Industry. We must keep delivering faster and cheaper solutions. Technology, flexibility, collaboration, integration, new ways of communicating projects and outputs with visuals, mappings and videos can really help making an impact with relevance and delivering actionable solutions.

5. Horizontality & Transparency

Our societies, companies and even the way we think have been driven by vertically for years. Social media and technology have deeply restructured interaction between people, within organizations and between people and brands. The end of this model and the rise of horizontality will put the Data & Insight function at the core center of organizations, with more fluidity, transparency and efficiency internally and with their consumers/customers, between governments/NGOs and citizens.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this 2020 (and beyond) projection, I am happy to share your views and answer questions you may have.

Happy 2020!