CX Emotion: integration is the future of the Insight Industry

Yesterday was held the CX Emotion online event (the physical one was initially scheduled in London in June and made virtual due to the Covid19 situation), gathering experts - Analysts, Data Scientists, Brand Leaders & Researchers - to cover Customer (CX), Digital (DX) and User (UX) Experience strategy and practice.

After Peter Dorrington's very interesting keynote paper "From customer emotions to actionable insights" I was honored and delighted to be invited on a panel discussion with Rohan Sinha (Qualtrics) and Torsten Fritz (KPMG Nunwood) and moderated by Seth Grimes (Alta Plana).

We discussed the 4 mains themes:

  • the evolution of the Insight Industry with more agile, consumer/customer centric projects thanks to technology and emotions to drive strategy and decision making

  • the challenge of fusing the world of Traditional Research & Data Analytics including Customer Experience

  • how decision are made thanks to System 1 and the power of Emotions in this area

  • the integration of consultancy and story telling to deliver bright analysis and narratives for brands, products and services.

I was happy to share our blog initiative, a dedicated website on the pandemic and its impact, gathering visions from all over the globe on how our world will look like.

I hope that you will enjoy the discussion, please feel free to comment it.

Thank you Seth for inviting me and for your great moderation, thank you Rohan and Torsten for sharing your vision to make this panel insightful!